How to do Live Streaming using Web camera and inbuilt microphone?

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  1. Now you can open the ivb7 software. Enter the username and password to login into the software.
  2. Using this software, you can stream any kind of video file. You can use your webcam, DVD player, file from your computer and externally connected camera.
  3. Suppose if you are going to use your webcam to stream the video. You need to select the preset as Quickcam. Make sure that your webcam is enabled.
  4. Now click on the audio Button and choose internal microphone as audio device when you use web-camera as input source. It is mandatory to set the channel as mono, sample rate as 22050 and bit rate as 48.
  5. Then select the video option. In that choose your webcam as video input device and the format as VP6.
  6. The bit rate, you are going to choose in the video option is purely depended on your internet upload speed and it is going to declare your video quality in the player which appears on your website.
  7. Kindly check your internet speed in the following website , we are going to push the video into the server. So we need to focus on our uploading speed.
  8. Select the player id.
  9. Select the option preview. Make sure that you are getting the video in the software preview window.
  10. If you wish to save this live streaming video in your computer. Kindly select the option Save on Hard Disk. You can also choose the path location by selecting the browse button.
  11. Then New Tab will come up with timer in it. It represents the duration of your streaming.
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