How to use Countdown Timer Widget?

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Countdown Timer widget or feature is a Mojoportal feature that enables the Site Admin to show the Countdown before the Live event starts. Check out the LIVE DEMO now. To get this feature, contact our Support team. This handy feature is easy to use and customize. Once you get this feature added by our Master Admin, follow the steps below to get this working in your site. 

How to add this feature to your website?

Step 1 : Login as your Site Administrator. Go to the page where you want to add this widget. Click "Edit this page" option on the Admin toolbar in the bottom of the page. You can now view the "Page Content Layout" page. 

Step 2 : Choose the feature "Count down Timer" from the drop down list. Type an appropriate name, then select the pane to which this feature/widget has to go. Here is the screenshot for more help:

How to add a feature or widget in mojoportal

How to customize the Countdown Timer Feature?

Step 3 : Go to the page where the widget is inserted. Besides the Feature name (this name comes from Step 2 when you created this feature), you can see two links - Settings and Styles.

Step 4 : In the "Settings" Page, you can access all the general settings of the Countdown Timer widget plus the default Mojoportal feature settings. You can set the target date and time and add the content that has to be shown once the target date is reached under "Countdown Timer Settings" tab. Here is a screenshot with help text for the Settings page.


Step 5 : Inside the "Styles" Page, you can access all the settings particular to the styles of the Countdown Timer. This is where you can change the font style, color, background, border and so on. Here is a screenshot with help text for your reference.


Step 6 : Once you set the target date and time, play around the styles settings to get the desired style for the Countdown Timer. Post your queries at IVB7 Help Center or call our IVB7 expert. 

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